WARNING: This page contains spoilers for the upcoming graphic novel "The Blue Madjai".

A Peplum Epic: 20s A Difficult Age

20s A Difficult Age also known as "A Peplum Epic: 20s A Difficult Age", simply "20s" or "2.A.D.A." (as an acronym) is a sword-and-sandal historical epic created by Marcus Orelias based on the rap album of the same name. The epic timelines the spiritual journey of both Harnuphis and Marcus Antoninus from beginning to end and follows various characters throughout their twenties. It also follows protagonist turned antagonist Avidius Cassius as well as the shadow antagonist The Mysterious Man.

20s A Difficult Age contains typical story motifs common to the sword-and-sandal genre as well as unconventional. Shifting to part two of the story, 20s A Difficult Age focuses on the Antoninus family, their relation to Harnuphis and beyond.

The Epic Plot: 20s A Difficult Age

During the First Frontier Wars, a gifted woman named Harnuphis delivers a message to Marcus Antoninus, a Emperor who succeeds in the public but struggles in private. Together, they must stop Avidius Cassius, a usurper rising to power.


Harnuphis Marcus Domitia 20s A Difficult Age 20s A Difficult Age
Avidius Small 20s A Difficult Age 20s A Difficult Age
20s A Difficult Age Iya Han the Wolf 20s A Difficult Age 20s A Difficult Age
20s A Difficult Age Hugo Aper
|20s A Difficult Age
20s A Difficult Age Patricus 20s A Difficult Age 20s A Difficult Age
Families, Groups and Peoples
Bukouloi heiroglyphs Antoninus Ancient Greek Cassius Greek

Etymology and The Ancient World

In聽20s a Difficult Age聽to maintain a historical continuity many of the cities are referenced by their original or earliest known names for example Rome is referenced as Latium, Africa is referenced as Alkebula, Egypt is referenced as Kemet.

Series Themes

20s a Difficult Age explores many themes that encompass what people in their 20s and beyond struggle with including mental health, social acceptance, love, relationships, the cost to live and much more. Although not explicitly expressed through dialogue many of the themes can be seen through the character's actions and personalities.


The musical themes present in the album 20s a Difficult Age were entirely composed by Chicago-based producer, composer and rapper Sulyiman.

Introduced in A Peplum Epic: 20s A Difficult Age
"Peplum Theme" 路 "The Danube River" 路 "Arrival in Latium" 路 "The Mysterious Man Motif" 路 "The Light Motif" 路 "Epilogue"

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